Live Remashing

Moldover Presents the New Flavor of Remixing

A Flawless Musical Meltdown of Nine Inch Nails, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, The Beastie Boys, James Brown, and Many, Many More

Nine Inch Nails and Billie Holiday on the same mix? "Musical unity is what I'm after," says Brooklyn electronic artist Moldover of his groundbreaking debut disc. With the help of cutting edge technology, a deep and eclectic musical background, and a skillful knack for breaking all the rules, Moldover's new disc will turn heads, rock dance floors, and piss off purists of all sorts.

Live Remashing is an anthemic synthesis that defies labels, seamlessly blending disparate musical elements into a cohesive, irresistibly-evolving groove. Listen for a few seconds and you'll find yourself swaying to Moldover’s fiendish beats and singing along to his tweaked-out source material. Never done before. Never done this well.

Given the disc's seamless structure and meticulous production values, it's hard to believe that Live Remashing is, in fact, a live album. Mixed, melted, and recorded in real-time, the DJ sets contained on Live Remashing captures the eclectic spirit and epic fire of Moldover's live shows. Catch him at Crash Mansion and hear Stevie Wonder samba with Bebel Gilberto. Check him out at The Laila Lounge and witness Led Zeppelin doing the nasty with Tori Amos. In the hands of a lesser artist, such attempts could spell disaster. Moldover pulls them off beautifully.

Already tearing things up, Moldover's musical mischief has only just begun. If Live Remashing is any glimpse of things in store, he'll be redrawing the map of electronic music for years to come.