New York based mash-up artist and DJ MOLDOVER will bring his revolutionary creation, the Octa-Masher, to Manhattan when he performs at The Warper Party at Botanica Bar (47 East Houston) on Tuesday, December 13. What is an Octa-Masher, you ask? Good question, not easy to answer. Part art installation and part technological innovation, the Octa-Masher “is an interactive music installation that allows one to eight people to simultaneously manipulate all the sounds I have in my DJ repertoire,” explains MOLDOVER. “It’s simplified and streamlined so that anybody, not just musicians, can work it.”

Simply put, eight color-coded keyboards and speakers are hooked into MOLDOVER’s laptop, allowing wanna-be DJs to manipulate audio in real time, utilizing the more than 400 sounds in the Mash Master’s data base that have been divided into eight categories or “tracks” (drums, bass, voice, full-songs, etc.). To make this work smoothly, MOLDOVER manipulated the tempo and pitch of all tracks to match one another. Each keyboard controls one “track,” and the user can manipulate sounds, control volume and alter effects such as adding echo or changing the pitch from bass to chipmunk.

In effect, MOLDOVER transformed his custom Live Remashing set up into a user-friendly, eight-person audio playground. “All the users need to do is press the keys and twiddle the knobs,” MOLDOVER clarifies. “The music reacts to their actions. You get to see how the Octa-masher works and how people interact with it. The Octa-Masher can only be experienced in an interactive environment where you can control the sounds and communicate with the other participants.”

The Botanica Bar is located at 47 East Houston (between Mott and Mulberry). MOLDOVER will perform his own live remashing set at 10PM. For more information on MOLDOVER, arrange an interview or RSVP, contact ISL Public Relations at 212-541-7595 or email

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