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Palo Alto Online - Beyond the bass drop

"CSMA's Electronic Music Festival explores music and technology"
-Marley Arechiga, Palo Alto Weekly | website |

Betahome Garden Sessions w/ Lukas Fischer

"It's all through mentorship with people that know more and then just figuring it out on my own. The internet helps too ;)"
-Stooszyt, Radio 3FACH | website |

The night is dark and full of ice cream

"...a crackerjack musician and terrific live performer."
-Suzanne Forbes, Chip in Head | website |

Control Freak: Moldover builds his own musical empire

"Think of him like a musical superhero whose powers lie in self-taught engineering weirdness limited only by his imagination."
-Alex DeVore, Santa Fe Reporter | website |

Beautiful Builders: Moldover

"Look at the work in his guitar; design, materials, circuits, craft, planning, and music - just seeing it makes you hear things. If you are susceptible."
-Craig Sullender, Beautiful Builders | website |

In-depth interview

"Talk about fearlessness. He basically creates his own tools, and tests them in front of an audience. This is not an activity for the meek, or weak of heart."
-Chris Halaby, KVR Audio | website | PDF

Video interview (controllerism & playable-packaging) and studio performance

"That's very cool! Does the sounds this (Light Theremin) make interact with any of the music on the CD?"
-Ron Richards, The New Screensavers, Twit Network | YouTube | website

Video interview (jamboxes)

"This makes better TV than radio!"
-Ken Rutkowski, Business Rockstars | YouTube | website

Light Theremin Cartesian Co article

"One of the more overlooked qualities of PCBs: their beauty."
-Alex Della Santina, | website

Light Theremin Booooooom article

"After I posted about DJ Qbert and “The World’s First Interactive Album Packaging” last week, Facebook user Ray Doeksen was quick to point out that back in 2009, musician Moldover released a self-titled album in which the CD packaging itself was a fully functional theremin!"
-Jeff Hamada, | website

Light Theremin Adafruit article

"Go, EE-savvy musicians, go!"
-Adafruit | website

Book contribution

"If I could tell a band one thing..."
-Martin Atkins, Band Smart Plus | PNG | Kickstarter project | Martin's website

The Octamasher: SOLD

"This fall, Stewart collaborated with Carleton’s living lab, 1125@Carleton, to bring his passion for community music-making to campus with the installation of the Octamasher, a one-of-a-kind instrument made of eight repurposed keyboards arranged in an octagon."
-Jenna Hobin, Carleton Now | website | PDF

6 DIY Alternative Instrument Makers You Need to Know About

"His journey into building custom MIDI controllers began with the creation of the Frankentroller – a Novation ReMote 25SL MIDI keyboard heavily modified with the addition of a Kurzweil keyboard touchstrip, a Korg Kaoss Pad, as well as refashioning some of the keyboards black keys to be used as crossfaders."
-Liam Lacey, Ask Audio| website | PDF

Megapolis Festival Article

" Now he's teaching the skills he learned to others in hopes of demystifying the art of making noise."
-Cara Rose DeFabio,| website | Associated YouTube video

Podcast interview

" It's a lot more complicated than people realize. I think that folks get the wrong idea about Kickstarter. They think it's a store."
-Scott Hanselman, Hanselminutes Podcast | MP3 | website | PDF transcript

Guitar Wing Radio Interview

"You guys have invented something that for a guitarists is really cool"
-Alan Taylor, Popular Science Radio | website

In-depth podcast profile

"There's so much joy inherent in making music with other people and Moldover's multiplayer instruments called jamboxes try to encourage that experience"
-Micah Dubrueil, Running The Voodoo Down | MP3 | website | artwork

Digital DJing feature article (GERMAN)

"Der Godfather"
-Marco Scherer / Boris Pipiorke-Arndt, Beat Magazine | PDF | JPG | web version

Guitar Wing in Popular Science

"Mixing synthetic effects with traditional guitar work can make for groundbreaking music"
-Mike Kobrin, Popular Science | PDF | web version | JPG scan

Feature article

"A musician at heart, inventor born of curiosity and innovator by necessity"
-John Tackett, Crowd Wire web version | PDF

Guitar Wing & controllerism interview

"Known as the Godfather of Controllerism, Matt Moldover, sat down with AskAudio Mag to talk about his latest projects: Four Track and the exciting collaboration with Livid Instruments, Guitar Wing. "
-Ask Audio Mag | Web version

Rad Gadgets
RnR Magazine | JPG

Kickstarter post

"This is why Moldover's incentive is genius..."
-Phantom 105.2 | JPG

Artist feature and interview

"...we caught up with Moldover about his software, controllers, and playing two recorders with one's nostrils."
-Ableton Blog | Web version

Kickstarter Roundup

"I actually used to bring it to conferences all the time when I was speaking about cool things that musicians were doing, but I got worried that an overeager TSA agent would take away the weird CD case with all the electronics in it."
-Tech Dirt | Web version


"he is releasing a proper full blown album, but obviously it is not one that you can just play, it is one you can actually play."
-The Exhi | Web version

Most heated comment flame-war evar

"At first I thought, "jesus, more hipster bullshit". But then i watched the kickstarter campaign and realized he was chipping away at my jaded asshole exterior."
-Synthtopia | Web version

Podcast interview

"Most music projects on Kickstarter don't make over 10 G's and you've surpassed that ..."
-DJ Grandpa, DJ Grandpa's Crib | MP3 | Alternate MP3

Featured artist post, interview, and video

"The power and reliability of The Brain are what ultimately got The Mojo into production."
-Livid Instruments | Web version

Blog post and audio interview

"Your Kickstarter is on FIRE!"
-Nathan Lively, Sound Design Live | Web version

Book Interview: "Modern MIDI"

"Just because we have new instruments and extended musical vocabularies to explore those things, doesn't mean we need a whole new system..."
-Nathan Van Der Rest, Focal Press | PDF | RTF

Robocaster article

"We go ears on..."
-Billy Steele, Engadget | web version

"Whenn Midi controllers and DJing first met, nobody knew what to call the emerging scene."
-Phil Morse, Digital DJ Tips | JPG | web version

Video interview

"I talk with electronic instrument designer, musician, and controllerism evangelist Moldover about designing better human interfaces for music, his super cool circuit board CD, and why the hell MIDI still exists."
- Nathan Lively, Sound Design Live | web page | web video

Videos, editorial

"So, this is what Moldover did with one of his weekends. What will you do with yours?"
-Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music | JPG | web version | PDF

"Key Secrets"

"Today's keyboards offer so many performance controls... you may wish you had extra hands"
-David Battino, Keyboard Magazine | JPG | PDF

Video review

"This is all about live controllerism in its purest form"
-Mark Settle, DJ Worx | web version | JPG | PDF

Artist Q&A

"At the 2011 BPM Show, MTM caught up with this pioneering controllerist..."
- Liam O'Mullanek, MusicTech Magazine UK | article JPG | cover JPG

Textbook profile

"Piece of gear you cannot live without: My brain, no my soul, wait no- dental floss! I need floss. Good dental hygiene is the cornerstone of civilized society. "
- Chris Buono, Your Ableton Live Studio | profile JPG | book cover JPG

New year's micro-Q&A

"How was 2010 for you? This was an incredibly, amazingly, fantastically alright year for me."
-Darren Ressler, Big Shot Magazine | JPG | web version | PDF

Artist profile with photos

"...which can only be described as Eddie Van Halen shooting dance music lasers into space"
- Dustin Downing, China Shop Magazine | web version | JPG | PDF

University thesis

"Matt Moldover coined the phrase ‘controllerism’ stating its definition as “creating music using software and controllers”. (Moldover, 2007)"
- Keith Brady, The Attitudes of DJs | PDF

Mojo Feature

"Moldover's creation is fascinating and fun. Inspired by traditional instruments, DJ hardware, and game controller, he created the “sexiest controller in the entire multiverse“."
- Front Panel Express | PDF

Show preview

"Moldover’s 2009 debut album was more than an Internet flashpoint, it fostered the growth of a paradigm shift in live electronic stage acts: controllerism"
- Chicago, New City Music | web version | JPG | PDF

Dutch magazine feature article

"Artiesten die elektronica op een, zeg maar menselijke manier benader- den hebben me vervolgens beïnvloed: Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, dat werk."
- Mark van Schaick, Interface Magazine NL | article PDF | contents PDF | cover JPG

Finnish Album Review

"Albumilta löytyy kaikkea drum'n'bassin, elektron, hevin ja ambientin väliltä."
- Jarkko Rotstén, V2 | web version | PDF

Panel discussion

" Live Electronic Musicianship"
- SF Music Tech Summit 12-6-2010 | MP3

Album review

" The music itself is amazing. The jewel case is seriously a collector’s item. It’s too cool NOT to own!"
- Frissonic | web version | JPG | PDF

Album Review

"Moldover's expansive, sometimes playful explorations without lyrics likewise posit a gamut of human feelings against each other."
- Jamie Lee Rake , The Phantom Tollbooth | web version | PDF

Mojo Props

"The innovative, performance oriented controller, dubbed the Mojo, features many of the concepts that Moldover has time-tested via his own performances around the world."
- Dan Brotman, Future Music | web version | PDF

UK Radio Interview

"In my opinion you brought a lot of soul to your performance."
- Ursula Pabisch, All FM | MP3

Newsletter Feature

Moldover "created the 'sexiest controller in the entire multiverse'. We just assume it is the front panel milled by Front Panel Express that makes him say this!"
- March Newsletter, Front Panel Express | PDF

Doctoral Dissertation Interview

Moldover: "What some people might call faults, to me are meaningful, expressive and very human moments that often turn into beautiful things in the hands of an experienced artist."
- Ashley Batty, An Investigation of the Techniques Within an Effective Live Performance Within Electronic Music | DOC

Spark of Being and The Mojo

"The Moldover Mojo is, I think, the ultimate controllerist’s controller and after the Mojo and I made our stage debut last week with Keystone, I think it is the only one suited for this project."
- Geoff Countryman, Green Leaf Music | PDF document | graphic version | web version

Take Control of Your Controller

"MIDI controller not working the way you want? You don’t have to go all Moldover on it. (Though that’s not a bad idea; see Fig. 1.)"
- David Battino, The Other Side Magazine UK | PDF document

The Otherside Interview

"(SLW): Can you explain Controllerism to my gran?
(!): It's just like democratic socialism, except in controllerism everyone hails Moldover as the supreme ruler of the entire multiverse and everyone listens to his music."
- Sam Lassman Watts, The Other Side Magazine UK | web version | PDF document

Musical Playtime TV Show

"Underground artist Moldover was the first to bring the concept to reality."
- Kevin Pereira, Attack of the Show on | web video

Album Review

"the debut album by self-described controllerist Moldover rocks."
- Geary Yelton, Electronic Musician Magazine | web version | PDF document

Moldover Feature

"This hands on approach builds on the DIY ethos established with the early punk bands of the late 1970s and 80s, and the consideration of technological possibilities has translated into massive sales figures (compared to expectations)."
- Tom Phillips, Touch Tunes | web version | PDF document

Music-Tech Podcast

"Utterly brilliant. As soon as it got to the end I went and bought it."
- Mark Tinley, Sonic State Talk | MP3 audio | website

"Hacking", Moldover Feature

"Seit knapp einem Monat sind die 'Awesome Edition' und die 'Pocket Edition' von Moldovers Album, die beide das selbst gemachte Musikinstrument beinhalten, käuflich zu erwerben."
- Barbara Wimmer, Future Zone | web version | PDF document


"(dbZ): How did you get involved in making electronic music?"
"(M): As a child I was kidnapped and raised by computers."
- DeepBeatz Laika | article (graphic) | cover (graphic)

Moldover Album: Play The Record

"After years of creating parties and installations dedicated to the art of live remixing, his debut CD drops with the artwork and song titles laid over a custom-built circuit board."
- Sergio Elmir, Exlaim! Magazine Canada | web version | PDF document

The Future of Product Innovations in Music

"Moldover actually built a working theremin complete with headphone jack and speaker into the jewel case of his recent CD."
- Refe, Creative Deconstruction | web version | PDF document

Radio interview

"I think one of the most intriguing elements of Moldover is the contruction of all your things..."
- Elia Vargas, Tiny Antenna Have Large Receptors | MP3 audio | full radio program website

Album review

"Moldover's music is as fresh, eclectic and original as it gets, with influences ranging from funk to nu jazz, from prog rock to metal, from glitch electronica to ambient, from drum'n'bass to dance, from darker dronier stuff to bright solar things. "
- Marc Urselli, Chain DLK | web version | graphic version | text version

Music and Marketing - You Need Them Both

"If Freese, Sobule and Moldover had just come out with an album in the traditional way, how many of the same group of people would likely have heard the album?"
- Mike Masnick, Tech Dirt | web version | PDF document

Moldover in "The Lefsetz Letter"

"How about that guy Moldover, with the theremin built into his CD case."
- Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter | web version | PDF document

CD Case Features Built-In Theremin and Artistic Circuitry: Match That, BitTorrent!

"San Francisco electro artist Moldover, like Beck before him, figured out a way to make physical music purchases superior to digital: Embrace the physical."
- Denver Westword, Gizmodo | web version | PDF document

Tech Dirt - album release

"While some critics insist that these sorts of things only work once, I tend to believe that creativity knows no bounds, and we'll keep seeing more and more unique ideas."
- Mike Masnick, Tech Dirt | web version | PDF document

Coolest CD Case Ever Has Theremin Built In

"The artists here is San Francisco-based Moldover, who appears to be an experimental electronic artist. While I hadn't heard the name before, you can rest assured it's firmly anchored in my consciousness now."
- Cory Casciato, Denver Westword | web version | PDF document

Moldover: Awesome Edition with Working Theremin

"Moldover, without the aid of a record label has created a news worthy album innovation and will hopefully get attention for an album that would have otherwise gone unnoticed to those not already fans."
- Ash, Sleevage | web version | PDF document

Alternative Music Distribution

"Justifying the musical object can sometimes get ridiculous, but so long as there are genuinely creative ideas that fit the music, I think music may have a more interesting future in the post-industry world than it did before."
- Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music | web version | PDF document

Engadget album release

"you will believe."
- Thomas Ricker, Engadget | web version | PDF document

Radio performance and interview

"I know it sounded amazing just listening to it but seriously, we had a crowd of people at the window to the studio because you do not even understand the insanity going on back here."
- Rich DDT & DJ CanaryTurd, Pirate Cat Radio | MP3 audio

Moldover's album press release

"That’s why he designed his album’s intricately beautiful, circuit board CD artwork to be a first-of-its kind light theremin."
- Michael Gallant | PDF

Review of Moldover performance at Warper NYC

"The genius of Moldover always resided in his skills as a real-time sonic manipulator of beats, sounds and music but just as noticeable and remarkable is his willingness and ability to reinvent himself and evolve, effectively moving on to a new chapter and corageously showcasing his own songwriting/production. Great show!"
- Chain DLK | web version | graphic version | text version

Review of Moldover's new party in SF

"With Komega and Moldover watching over the crowd like proud fathers, you really get the sense that we are at the start of something big."
- LEGENDmag | web version | graphic version

(Germany) Man & Machine Feature and Interview

(automatic translation by babelfish) "Here the Zuspieler is used as genuine instrument. Mol Dover submits its sounds everyone devises lichen musical manipulation, smashes its form, transfers the material into new together hangs - all live and on The Fly."
- SoundCheck | PDF (go to last page) | German -> English translation | print version | magazine cover

Honorable Mention

"Digital Pioneer DJ Mouldover describes controllerism..."
- Concious Dancer | PDF | magazine cover

(Luxembourg) Interview

"Le concept Controllerism, est-ce votre invention?"
- L'Essentiel | newsprint version | web version

The How To Show - Controllerism in 3 easy steps

"1) Modify your controller"
"2) Setup your software"
"3) Practice your technique"
- MTV | YouTube video

Novation Featured Artist

"Novation does not endorse modifications of any kind on any of our products. Any modifications will of course result in the invalidation of the warranty."
- | graphic version | web version

German TV Segment

"The birthplace and center of Controllerism is (naturually) New York. Pioneer and godfather of this culture is Moldover"
- Tracks, ARTE | YouTube video

Moldover on Controllerism

"Countless DJs and musicians are making music like this, but there is no commonly accepted name for the craft. There is no platform to develop this new musical vocabulary, and no artistic community to help it grow. Not until now."
- Moldover, Big Shot Magazine | page 1 | page 2 | cover

Tech Interview

"(PCAL): What are your superpowers?
(Moldover): Most supervillains don't actually have superpowers, but generally speaking, many have a desire for world domination, a high level of intelligence, and are often criminally insane. "
- | graphic version | web version

Controllerism Feature

"...with no emotional ties to a particular DJing paradigm- (Moldover) is literally throwing away the rule-book and reinventing the wheel."
- Ean Golden, Remix Magazine | graphic version | web version

Moldover Feature

"Moldover's work defies genre categorizations and while contunially stretching the limits of his own creativity, caries the theme of making music more accessible and interactive."
- Lauren Jonik, Indie Sounds NY | graphic version | pdf version | website | complete mag in pdf | web re-print

Radio Interview: Warper and online communities

"...aside from Scandanavian legends Too Many DJs (AKA Soulwax), no other artist has really broken through on either side of the Atlantic. If his live set from Galapagos is anything to go by, Moldover may just have the talent to become the second."
- Matt Largey, KUT/NPR Austin, TX | MP3

Keyboard Magazine's "Keyboard of the Month"

"With no learning curve to speak of, the Octamasher exposes musicians and non-musicians alike to high-level elements of electronic music production."
- Michael Gallant, Keyboard Magazine | graphic web version | graphic print version | web version

Moldover Interview

"This project definitely involves skills you'd definitely associate with musicians and DJs, but it also includes elements of programming, composition, turntablism and instrument design. I like the term "Live PA" which is accepted and understood in some circles."
- Marc Urselli-Schaerer, Chain D.L.K. | web version | graphic version

Moldover, Warper and The Octamasher
Ableton user groups feature

"Moldover has shown up to Warper parties navigating Live with a P5 Gaming Glove and has even installed his 'Octamasher' - an interactive array of Oxygen8 keyboards and full-surround audio - so that clubbers at Warper can try their own hand at mashing with Live."
- Peter Kirn, Computer Music Magazine | page 1 | page 2

Octamasher Press Release

"The design of the Octamasher puts people before technology. Moldover is enthusiastic about it’s social implications as well, saying, 'it’s so cool to see groups of people playing and interacting with each other. Giving people a shared, musical experience like that can reach them on a really deep level'.”

Technical analysis of Moldover's rig

"HARDWARE: He uses a PC laptop with Ableton Live (for loop control) and Native Instruments Reaktor (for sound FX). As MIDI-controller, he uses a Novation ReMOTE 25 (2 octaves). For audio output he uses..."
- Peter Forret, | graphic version

Live Remixing Article

"Moldover elaborates, 'The lines are blurry between the roles of DJ, producer and remixer right now because the tools of those trades have been homogenized in software.'"
- Janice Brown, Pro Sound News | PDF version

Live Remashing review

"Live Remashing is an encyclopedia of modern pop culture in sound format, it is the milestone of ultimate digitally-assisted live performance, it is the best example of how to use modern technologies to enhance and extend musicianship and artistic vision..."
- Marc Urselli-Schaerer, Chain D.L.K. | graphic version

Featured Interview

"While mash-ups have been championed by Too Many DJs and DJ P, Moldover wasn't aware that others were mining the same turf. "I didn't even know the term mash-up existed when I started... I came across these tools and thought, 'Wow, I can become this crazy, powerful DJ.'" "
- Darren Ressler, Big Shot Magazine | 1 Full Page | Cover

"Black Rock City's Beautiful Noise" (Moldover's Octa-Masher)

"As Burners walk by going about their business, many stop to press keys and twiddle knobs on the Oxygens, sometimes cracking delighted grins when they hear the music react to their actions. The man behind the project, New York DJ and mashup artist Toto [aka Moldover], watches the scene, ready to discuss the nuts and bolts of the Octa-Masher with anyone who's curious."
- Michael Gallant, Keyboard Magazine | Page 1 | Page 2 | Cover

Octa-Masher/Warper press release

"...Moldover will bring his revolutionary creation, the Octa-Masher, to Manhattan when he performs at The Warper Party at Botanica Bar (47 East Houston) on Tuesday, December 13."


"The mighty Octa-masher pulverizes digital beats at the Warper bash."
- Time Out New York Magazine | Cover | Photo | Listing

Live Remashing Review

"Perfect for ex-cheerleaders or thirtysomethings who need to "get that party started."
- Richard Thomas, Urb Magazine | Page 1 | Cover

Live at Galapagos Review

"...aside from Scandanavian legends Too Many DJs (AKA Soulwax), no other artist has really broken through on either side of the Atlantic. If his live set from Galapagos is anything to go by, Moldover may just have the talent to become the second."
- Matt Drew, | graphic version | web version

Korean Interview

"그는 최근 Live Remashing 이라는 색다른 리믹스 프로젝트를 진행중이고 뉴욕의 여러 언더그라운드 밴드와도 공연을 같이 하고 있습니다."
- Joo Won Park, | graphic version | web version

Live Remashing Review

"I was never a fan of the mashups myself because it was just some guy in a studio with a computer, but this is live and it blew me away."
- Jeffrey Curtis, All Ages Zine | graphic version | web version


"Neo-zine:: Do you get a lot of support for your recordings from those who are close to you?"
"Moldover: My Mom says They're cool. She even bought a T-shirt."
- Neo-Zine | graphic version | web version

Live Remashing review

"While those artists spend hours in the studio linking up tracks, MOLDOVIER can take any two tracks from the database on his laptop and combine them to create a perfectly metered and mixed mash-up, instantaneously, before your very eyes."
- Jive Magazine | graphic version

Live Remashing Press Release

"A Flawless Musical Meltdown of Nine Inch Nails, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, The Beastie Boys, James Brown, and Many, Many More...Listen for a few seconds and you'll find yourself swaying to Moldover's fiendish beats and singing along to his tweaked-out source material."
Full Release

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