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Created in 2005 for festival and party environments
Repurposes eight musical keyboards into new musical instruments
Allows anyone to instantly remix & mashup samples from popular songs

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Colleges and Universities please contact Auburn Moon Agencey for booking
All other inquiries: booking at

Press, General and Technical Info

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Photo Gallery

Coachella Festival, Indio CA, 5-25-2008
Treasure Island Music Fest, San Francisco CA, 9-20-08

Maker Faire, San Mateo CA, 5-3-08
Red Bull Sound Session, Charlotte NC, 10-20-07
Lightning In a Bottle Festival, Santa Barbara CA, 5-23-08

See also: The MiniMasher, The Syncomasher


Aaron Reardon, AutoSub, Albert, Ben Lewry, BRC, Blake Jackson, Brad Roy, Brian Cass, Carlo De Jesus, Chris Stockton, Christine Spehar, Corey Ellis, Dan Brantigan, Dave Hill Jr, Dave Moldover, Emily, Gary Karlsrud, Hachem Hosenbux, Jay Cook, Jeff Hyman, JoeJoe The Clown, Jordan Scannella, John Taylor, Jon Moldover, Julie Covello, Lionel Cohen, Matthew Theis, Michael Gallant, Nancy Oeswein, Peter Cavanagh, Plug 4, Rachel Moldover, Rachel Walker, Ray Ippolito, Rebecca Loebe, RedDog, Sarah Peet, Tyler Hanson, Zach Coffin, and The Warper Party

Prototype versions of The Octamasher